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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple Pie Pops - Edible Wedding Favors

Similar to cake pops, but better! Mini pies got smaller and now are on a stick, great edible wedding favor idea! Same amazing recipes from Let Them Eat Pie, just bite sized apple pie. Enjoy these 12 apple pies ready for your fashionable rustic wedding or sent as a present to loved ones!

Need more? Let us know, there's much more where these come from. Other flavors available as well, Just ask!

*Due to high demands, ALL ORDERS MAY TAKE 2 WEEKS TO PROCESS AND SHIP OUT. If you would like them sooner or later, please contact Paige at Let Them Eat Pie and she'll do her best to meet your deadline.

Pie pops are wrapped individually, this make it easy to give these as favors for your wedding. Extraordinary care is given in wrapping and packaging your pops.